3 Key Things To Do After Crowd Investing In a Startup

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There are many strategies for choosing attractive startup investments, but what happens once the investment is actually made? In my time of working with innovative companies in the investment landscape, I have noticed that the most successful investors take an active role in their investments to help drive value for the business, and ultimately, returns. Here […]

11 Qualities To Look For In Startup Founders


Startups are literally a journey into the unknown and entrepreneurs need to be comfortable with taking on ambiguity, uncertainty and multiple challenges. Unfortunately, on average, 9 out of 10 startups will go out of business, and the remaining that are able to survive and succeed are the ones that capture the qualities outlined below. These qualities […]

Investing In Equity Crowdfunding Offerings Could Yield High Returns

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Investors frustrated by flat fixed-income securities and an economic climate wrought with uncertainty are increasingly including alternative investments in their portfolios in an effort to obtain uncorrelated returns. Many have augmented their investment portfolios with angel investments – investing capital in startup companies, in hopes of achieving exponential returns even a fraction of those like […]

Best Angels To Lead Equity Crowdfunding Offerings


There are two ways to raise a round via equity crowdfunding. The first one is via a priced round where the company sells directly shares. In this case, it is always better to have a lead investor that is establishing the valuation of the company so that this one is not established out of smoke […]

Equity Crowdfunding Rules Q&As


On October 23rd, 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued
 proposed rules for the implementation of equity crowdfunding as outlined in 
Title III of the JOBS Act. These regulations have the potential to change
 the entire landscape of fundraising for private companies. The crowdfunding model has already proven successful in helping entrepreneurs raise the funds they need […]

10 Tips For Equity Crowdfunders


Title III is expected to be implemented by Spring 2014. Even though the proposed rules were published for comments for a 90 day period there is still uncertainty as to when this will happen where we would see non-accredited investors also investing in startup companies via equity crowdfunding platforms. The most important factors that investors […]

Equity Crowdfunding: The Biggest Change For Startups In The Past 80 Years

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In the US, 514,000 new businesses launch every month adding on average 3 million jobs per year, and access to startup capital is critical to their success and longevity. Over the past decade, the cost of starting a company has dropped exponentially, from around $2 million in the late 90’s to $5,000 or so today, made possible by the proliferation of technology, […]

Benefits Of Equity Crowdfunding

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Today, fewer than 300,000 of the 8.7 million accredited households are actively making angel investments. Most of these investors are members of angel investing groups such as Golden Seeds and New York Angels, though over 4,300 unaffiliated individuals have made angel investments according to data from CrunchBase. This number is likely higher when taking into […]

Angel Investments Increase Ahead Of Equity Crowdfunding Implementation


Like investments in private equity, hedge fund, and real estate investments, non-institutional investments in startups – known as “angel investments” – are gaining momentum among the alternative investor crowd. Angel investing is growing in the US, led by a group of successful entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and savvy early investors reaping the benefits of big ticket […]

The Rise Of Equity Crowdfunding


Investing in early-stage companies is not as challenging as venture capital firms make it seem, and with the passing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act), startup deals will soon be accessible to the general public. With regulatory changes to 80-year-old securities rules originating from the implementation of the JOBS Act, equity crowdfunding […]


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